About Arad Behdasht Company

Arad Behdasht Tejarat Parsi Company was established in 1398 with the aim of upgrading the industry of production of masks and medical consumables in an area of ​​1000 square meters.

From the very beginning, the most modern device for producing three-layer medical masks was purchased and used with the benefit of the best ultrasonic system. After research and according to the needs of the community, the production of masks with nanofiber technology was quickly put on the company’s agenda, and after obtaining the necessary licenses from the Ministry of Silence and the Ministry of Health, from the beginning of 1399 A percentage of particles larger than one nanometer are started. This product has been approved by reputable nanoscale institutes and the Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute.

Also, due to the importance of packaging quality and understanding the market need for this important matter, the factory is equipped with the latest and most advanced packaging technology and products in various colors and packaging are sent to the market.

Arad Behdasht Tejarat Parsi Company will continue its growing trend and at the beginning of the second phase, it will soon start producing and packing hospital bags and all kinds of cosmetic pads.

The company hopes to pave the way for its presence in global markets by strictly following global rules and standards and using advanced equipment and experienced personnel.

We will introduce products with the best quality and worthy of the Iranian name to the world.